Evolution of Computer mouse from Wooden mouse to a Laser mouse

Evolution of Computer Mouse

Nowadays we don’t notice, but it’s still one of the most important parts, of any computer, although now we also have touchscreen pcs, they are not still too popular and reliable, most of the pc users still prefer computer mouse as a pointing device Its most probably that you might also be using it now for reading this article on evolution of computer mouse.

 But are they same from the time when pcs were developed first? Are we using same type of mouse from the time when it was first released or...

Well, don’t worry let's dig in and explore generations of mouse and technologies used in them.

1st computer mouse also known as wooden box mouse.

According to Wikipedia the first-generation of mouse's was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1964. read more on Wikipedia.

It was designed like a wooden box it uses two metal wheels that make contact with the surface, & has only one key.

It can’t be moved in any direction like today's mouse, as they had 2 perpendicular wheels some what like a pizza slicer, So it can be moved from one side to another or forward & backward movements was only possible.

 It was initially called “x-y position indicator for a display system, and later for marketing purposes, it was named as a mouse by inventors.

2nd Gen mouse Known as Ball Mouse.

Bill English who work for Xerox at that time developed this mouse in 1972 this version of the mouse has a wheel instead of a metal wheel & hence enable its user to move mouse freely in any direction. Later Xerox developed a personal computer and this mouse became the part of that modern pc. From then on everyone realizes the potential market of a mouse.

Optics Model mouse

In 1981, Steven Kirsch invented an optics model for the computer mouse system. This model uses light instead of a ball and is more responsive and accurate than previous generations of the mouse, but for it to function properly a mouse pad is needed which is probably more expensive. Although years later mouse again started using balls.

In 1993 Honeywell launched an alternate approach to the mouse tracking concept, namely, “Opto Mechanical mouse” they used 2 small angled discs on its bottom to track movement instead of a ball, but this version of mouse did not get any fame.

But in 1999 they were again replaced by an opic LED design from Microsoft. And this time they don’t require a mouse pad to work properly.

Since then this technology was used by all the mouse for around 3 years, and only their efficiencies & designed were improved.

In 2000 Apple released their Pro series of the computer mouse. It was Wrapped In transparent plastic & push buttons were replaced.

Laser Mouse

In 2004 laser mouse’s were developed, Logitech has first displayed this type of mouse. This technology was much more precise then optics. Means more accurate response & was one of the best technologies for gamers and since then this technology is growing and helped gamers enjoy games with much more accuracy these technologies are so evolved now that we are now using processors in our mouse, to control its sensitivity to get better and precise control in any games according to your need.

Some example of laser mouse is:

  • The magic mouse invented by apple in 2009, apple simplified this, even more, they added a gesture text input design.
  • In 2010 Microsoft also released their bendable arc computer mouse, their main speciality was that when not in use they can be laid flat, and when in use you can bend it according to your palm shape.

Above we have talked almost all about evolution of computer mouse, starting from the oldest mouse or wooden mouse which was at that time used in the first personal computer known as Alto to mouse we use today, from first mouse to today the mouse is continuously evolving, and getting more compact and precise, as we are seeing nowadays, we now also have a wireless mouse, which gets you rid of wires.

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