Logitech M235 Mouse – 5 Best Key Futures 3rd One is Awesome

Selecting a perfect match mouse is hard. Now today, I will show you the Logitech M235‘s benefits, futures & User reviews. So, you can decide this mouse fit’s to are not. Let’s get started.

The mouse looks excellent. It is one of the best Logitech designs. My friend is using this mouse. He like the Logitech m235 red light in the centre of the mouse it will on when you power on the mouse. The mouse can be used for gaming but I am not suggesting that.

The mouse is suitable for office use because, in the office, people work for hours. In that situation, the mouse weight matter’s a lot. This mouse weight is 1.8 g pretty good for a lot of time use.

Suppose you want this mouse for school, home. It will be best for you because students can afford the price. The wireless Logitech mouse will make you happy. Just think at home & school, we didn’t need to set up many wires and connect with CPU. Instant use of the wireless mouse is easy to carry.

You can also buy the combo pack of Logitech M235 wireless keyboard and mouse. Many users like to use the combo packs. Because, If our keyboard & mouse are from different companies. Maybe we will face a little bit of connectivity problem.

Logitech M235 Battery indicator

Logitech M235 Mouse Features & benefits.


The mouse gives satisfaction to hand with its soft rubber grips. It is beneficial for laptop users. The laptop users often move the mouse from one place to another in that movement; the rubber grip saves the mouse from falling. People usually busy at there work in that situation. This is a useful feature for the user.


Did you used the laptop mouse pad?. The touchpad on the laptops is hard to use because there is very little space to operate, and we need to control a big screen with a small touchpad. It becomes tough to control the touchpad when we are stressed & tired. So, this wireless mouse makes you work faster with its smooth cursor control & easy text selection.

Super Support Unifying

Logitech tiny unifying receiver is capable of connecting with SIX different unifying compatible devices. Logitech M235 receiver is perfect for people who use many PC at the same time. They can switch the connection of the receiver from one PC to another one.

Unifying Receiver

The unifying receiver is a small size USB. You can easily plug-in the receiver to your PC, Laptop. While packing the laptop into the bag, you can keep it plugged-in. It will not interrupt the chain. It is a tiny one. Just plug-in and forgot about it.

Connectivity via Bluetooth

The Unify receiver pair your PC will the help of the bluetooth. You need to insert the dongle to PC. Without dongle you can’t able to connect with computer.

Long Run Battery

You will get a battery with the mouse. Averagely every wireless mouse needs to replace its battery every six months. But, the M235 mouse battery will run for 8,760 Hours. When you power on/off the conserve battery life. The mouse also has a smart sleep mode. If you forgot to power off the mouse, then the mouse will recognize that it will track the idle time and automatically switch to power saving mode(Smart sleep mode). That’s great.

And it has an indicator light that will indicate to you what the current battery level is. So, you didn’t need to memorize when to replace the battery.

Soft & Smooth Design

Do you care for your hands? There are tons of mice available in the market. People buy them after some time of using that mice people realize that they picked a wrong mouse. The mouse started hurting their hands. The M235 is a good design for hands. You feel good while you are using that.

Logitech Trustworthiness

I have seen many persons they started their mice business, and people start trusting them. Unfortunately, due to less experience, they fail to fix the problem in the mice. But, Logitech is a highly trustable company. There every product will be best for customers because they care for you. They solved every which customer faced. See the bottom of the article there you find “how the Logitech cares for the user.”

Advanced Tracking System

As technology is growing, people do not have much time. Everyone wants to do there work fast. Even people keep working while traveling. So, one needs a portable which works everywhere. The M235 mice have an advanced optical tracking system that will work on 90% of every type of surface. Now you can use this mouse on a glass surface. That’s an excellent thing.

2nd Generation Mouse

The Logitech M235 is a second-generation mouse. The first generation mouse was launched by Apple company. The 2nd generation mouse is an optical mouse.

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Key Features

  • 365 days of battery life.
  • 10m Connectivity Distance.
  • Unify advance tracking system.
  • 100 DPI.
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Connection.

Device Dimension

Weight 84g
Height 95 mm
Width 55 mm
Depth 6.1 mm

System Requirements

  • Minimum – Windows Vista for windows, mac OS x 10.5 or later version for Mac, also supported Chrome OS, Linux kernel 2.6+.
  • USB port.

Technical Specifications

Senser Technology Advanced Optical Tracking
Sensor Resolution (DPI) 1000
No. of buttons 3 (With scroll wheel)
Battery Life 1 Year
Battery Type 1AA
Wireless Operating Distance 10m
Wireless Technology 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
Interface USB receiver

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows Vista, Windows RT, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Chrome OS

Certified Works With Chromebook

The certified by Logitech to Google’s compatibility standards.

Note: The certification is by Logitech Google is not responsible for this product certification.

The product is “made in China.”

The mouse is available in 3 colors Grey, Steel Blue & Red.

The Thing you get in the Package

  • Logitech M235 mouse.
  • Logitech Unifying receiver.
  • 1 AA battery (pre-installed).
  • User documentation.

Product Part Information

  • Grey: PN: 910-003384
  • Steel Blue: PN: 910-003392
  • Red: PN: 910-003412

Comparison of Logitech Mouse’s

Many people have the doubt 🤔 in different mouse’s comparison.

Now we will comparison on Logitech B175 vs M235

Compare M235 B175
Weight 84 grammes 100 grammes
Price ₹ 799 ₹ 1,390
Warranty 3 Years 1 Year

The Logitech M235 wireless mouse price is significantly less than B175 mouse,As we have seen data in the above table, the M235 is a better mouse if we compare it with Logitech B175.

Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse Reviews

Reviews from Amazon

First, we will see the Amazon reviews what purchased uses say about this mouse. There are 25,000 people rated, and 920 answered questions. Humm, the mouse, is famous.

68% of people rated 5 Stars.

22% of people rated 4 Stars.

05% of people rated 3 Stars.

02% of people rated 2 Stars.

04% of people rated 1 Star.

Ratings from amazon.in

As we have seen above, the people ratings. Maximum buyers are satisfied with the product. Logitech company conducts user experience programs for product development. That is one of the reasons people liked the product. Amazon’s Choice and Amazon Fulfilled is available in it. The mouse is available in amazon from 1 January 2017.

The product sold by Appario Retail Private Ltd. 10 Day replacement available

Question by Buyers

  1. Can the batteries be charged? Is this a Lithium battery that can be charged?
  2. What is the difference between M185 and M235? which is recommended for 8.1?
  3. Does it support my Logitech K230 Wireless Keyboard?

Mostly purchased users reviews in short words

  • Value for money.
  • Easy to use.
  • Plug and play.
  • Must buy.
  • Stopped working.

A Purchased User Rating

Price – 9/10 (₹ 626)Battery Life – 9/10Durability – 6/10Packaging – 8/10Delivery by Cloudtail – 9/10

Star Rating on futures by purchase people

  • Comfortable to hold – 4.5
  • For gaming – 3.8
  • Durability – 4.4
  • Ergonomic – 4.4
  • Quality of material – 4.5

Note: There is no hardware warranty available for this product in amazon.

Check Price in Amazon.in

Reviews from Flipkart

There are 9,500+ rating and 1,500+ reviews in Flipkart on these mice. And Flipkart provided 4.5 Stars for this product. The only red color is available in Flipkart.

6,400+ Users rated 5 Stars.

2,300+ Users rated 4 Stars.

400+ Users rated 6 Stars.

110+ Users rated 2 stars.

240+ Users rated 1 star.

As we have seen above, the user’s ratings. The maximum user is rated between 3 – 5 stars. It looks like buyers liked the grey mouse as compared to the red one.

Logitech Asia Pacific Ltd sells the product.

Question by Buyers

  • Is it Laser or Optical?
  • Will it work on a phone?
  • What is the life of the Mouse?

A Purchased User Review

Its sensitivity is better then another mouse works on tables in a better wayEasily fits in my hand (size is OK).

Reviews from Croma

In Croma, 150+ user gave their thoughts. And 2,400+ gave star ratings. The average star rating is 4.5. Product Id: 209457.

Reviews from Mouthshut

Logitech M235 has 466 followers, with 25 People’s thoughts.

MouthShut Score

User friendly 4/5.Reliability & Satisfaction 4/5.Value for Money 4/5.Service & Support 4/5.

Mouthshut rating: 4.12 Stars.Check Price

Reviews from Paytm mall

240+ People rated on this product. Twenty people gave their thoughts.Paytm rating: 4.4/5.

Logitech M235 Driver

I see many people purchase a new device, but the device will not work. So, people started searching on google. They replace the battery, and they do many more things like that. 50% of people’s problem solves when they install the drivers. So, I hope you understand the importance of computer drivers.

There is a high possibility that a single driver software will work for all types of operating systems. So, that’s why Logitech finds a solution. They created a page. When you visit the page, the Logitech’s website script will run and it will automatically provide you with the driver which supports your PC.

Visit this Page to Download

Download Unify Driver

Visit the Page to Download Unify Driver

Logitech M235: Warranty

Often the shopper ignores about the warranty. They think it is not a matter. But, when the purchased product will break, damaged at that time, they will realize their mistake.

Logitech offers three years of limited hardware warranty.You can claim a warranty from where you bought the product.

Note: Amazon is not offering any warranty on this product.

Problems purchased users faced

Here are some problems purchased users faced after some time of using.

1. Mouse Lagging Problem

A user is facing a mouse lagging problem in his Windows 10 Pro 19H2 64 bit after couple days of using the mouse. Solution: Follow the steps given in this article to solve your problem.

2. Mouse Problem in connecting to PC

A user named Vijendra reached the Logitech community with his problem. He bought a mouse before one year. And at present, the mouse is stopped working.Solution: Download the latest driver from the official website and install them on your PC.

3. Mouse Scroll Button Not Working

A user named Vasanth reached the community with his problem. His mouse scroll button is suddenly stopped working.Solution: Try to change the mouse command. Unlisted and reinstall the drivers.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

How to install Logitech wireless mouse m235?

Download the drivers from the official website and install them on your PC. Visit this page to download the drivers.

How to connect Logitech m235 wireless mouse?

If you are facing any problem, then read the solution in the problems section. There I explained clearly.

How to open a Logitech M235 mouse?

If your mouse is damaged, then visit the Logitech center near you. If you have a warranty, then you can claim that.

How to reset the Logitech M235 mouse?

To reset the mouse, first uninstall the drivers from your PC & reinstall. Now restart the mouse by powering it off and on. There no other method to reset the M235 mouse.

Final Words

Thank you for reading the article. Whenever we are going to buy a new thing, we must gather as much information as you can because you will use that for the long term. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any question, you can ask in the comments section. I am here to help you.

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