(43% Off) On Logitech Mouse Pad: Best Designs for Best Gaming

Searching for the best Logitech Mouse Pad? For gaming, mouse, office.

If Yes!! you are in the right place.

I will give provide you complete details of 5 mousepads. I know you are curious to know the names.

Before starting, I want to ask you a question. Why you searched “Logitech” Why not other?

The answer is simple Logitech is a good quality trust holding company. People love the right quality products. In this article, I will also Insert the Amazon, Flipkart reviews so you can buy them without any doubts related to the product quality.

Gaming mouse pad – Logitech only provides the best quality mice gaming pads. In the market, they are some other local companies that use the Logitech logo. But, they are not made by Logitech.

Steelseries Mouse PadSteelseries is one of the best alternates of Logitech.

Extended mouse’sLogitech mouse pad extended. The company generates mousepad in 3 variants small, medium, large.

Logitech Mouse Pad – Best Designs & Quality

Let’s start our journey with the best one. Guess it? Yes! Gaming mouse pad.

Note: Only some of the mousepads are available in India(amazon.in). If you are from India and want to buy then order them in (amazon.com)

1.Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging Mousepad

Logitech mouse pad

The mousepad gamers love’s, It is one of the Logitech G series. The surface of the mouse resistance for sudden starting and sudden stopping. It helps the gamer to balance the critical movements.

The mouse pad comes with mice, G502 Lightspeed, G703, G903 Lightspeed, and PRO Wireless Gaming Mice.

The Logitech charging pad has Qi charging technology, It can charge the mouse without any wire. Play without any interruptions.

There is a choice of Hard & Soft. You can change the surface from hard to soft when every you want. It is a fantastic future.

I have seen a lot of gamers. First, they purchase the hard surface mousepad. After some time they think they need to buy the soft one.

If you buy this mousepad, you will not be one of them.

Integrated Light Speed Wireless Receiver

Imagine you are playing a game concentrated. That time every single movement is essential for you. The light speed wireless receiver fulfills your requirement. It works at light speed.

Note: The mousepad also works for Logitech G703, Logitech G903 mouse.

The specifications of mousepad and mice.

Model Number 943-000109(AMAZON)
Weight 3.64 pounds
Colour Black
Product Dimensions 12.6 x 0.4 x 10.8 inches
Date First Available July 17, 2017
Logitech G Power Play Wireless Charging System

Amazon rating
Amazon Rating

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Do you know? Logitech company keeps its product catalog up to date. It removes old products from the list. Check that here.

2.Logitech G240: Cloth Gaming Mousepad

Logitech G240 Mouse pad

Our 2nd mouse mat is Logitech G240. This mousepad is named “Gaming,” but it can be used for home & office use.

You can enjoy the surface friction of the pad. Its friction helps you in low-DPI gaming. The pad’s conflict is capable of facing sudden movements of mice.

You can also use this for Logitech G series mice. The mat performance will be the same stable, smooth flow.

The cloth surface of the mousepad is soft. It will improve your wrist rest comfort.

Currently amazon running 43% Off for this mousepad grab it fast.

The Logitech g240 gaming mouse pad is made up of strong material. It can be used well for traveling. It is flexible. You can roll it and keep it in your pocket.

Model number 943-000093 (AMAZON)
Weight 90.7 g
Colour Black
Pad Height & Width 13.39 * 0.04 Inches
Date First Available January 1, 2017
Logitech G240 rating
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3.Logitech G640: A Simple Gaming Mouse Pad

Logitech G640 mouse pad

Our final mousepad is “Logitech G640“. This mice pad is similar to the other 2 pads. But it is a little bit more simple, It looks simple.

The pad is rubber-based. It will help you to keep the pad dust-free, and it can be cleaned very easily with water.

You can call this mouse pad as the cheapest mouse pad because it’s cost is very low.

It is matched will other Logitech G series mouses. So, you can also use this for other mouses.

Weight 352 g
Height & Width 400 * 460 MM
Model number 943-000088 (AMAZON)
Logitech G640 rating


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to connect a mouse to the Logitech mouse pad?

You must have the Logitech G series mouse to connect the Logitech G mouse pad. If you try to connect another mouse, then you may face the problem in the mouse pointer movement.

How to set my wireless Logitech mouse to work with my sony iPad?

Try to install mouse driver apps from the apple play store. Because not every mouse auto-connect with the iPad.

How to stop Logitech keyboard touchpad from clicking?

You can do that in the PC setting. If you are using an external mouse, you can disable (or) enable internal mouse at any time. Read this article to learn more about that.

How to wash the Logitech mouse pad?

You can wash the Logitech mouse pads by hand (or) in the washing machine. My recommendation is to clean the pad by hand. The mice pads are strong, but the force of water in the washing machine may damage the mousepad.

Final Words

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions related to mousepads, ask them in the comments. I will update this article information from time to time.

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