The Modern Rules for buying Mouse pads in 2020

Best Mouse pad for Gamers, Home Use, Office use.

Best Mouse Pad RGB
If you are searching for mouse pads you are at the right palace. Today I am going to tell you everything about the mouse pad after reading this full article you can make your own decision. What you need to buy. Let’s get into the matter.

What is a Mouse pad?

Well, the pad is a moving place of a computer mouse. Without a  pad, you feels difficult to operate the mouse. If there is no mouse pad you feel like your mouse is striking on the screen, but nowadays the new generation mouse can run smoothly without the mouse pad.

What are the main types of mouse pads?

As time is going on the mouse pads types is increasing there are some basic types of mouse pads

  1. Plain
  2. Gel
  3. Razer
  4. Small
  5. Big
  6. Large
  7. Gaming
  8. Wrist Rest

And most of the people use plain mouse pads.

  • Plain: People mostly use mousepads in schools, offices, and personal use. Thus Pads are lightweight and easy to carry for people to use this for general use.

Plain Mouse pad


  • Gel: People use a “Gel Based mouse pad” for more comfortable. This type of pad will be easy to carry because it is easy to fold. You can fold it and keep it in your pocket.

Gel Mouse Pad


  • Razer: Razer is mostly used by gamers it is filled with lights

Razer Mouse Pad


  • Small, Big, Large: These are sizes of all other types of mouse pads

Small, big, large mouse pads


  • Wrist Rest: This type of pad gives you space to place your hand for wrist rest.

Wirst rest mouse pad


Mouse Pad with Support

A lot of people work for some hours and feel very tired. That’s why people are looking for more comfort. Companies design a hand supported mouse pad with a stand. So people can feel some more comfort & concentrate on their work.

What is a custom/sublimation printing mouse pad?

Nowadays companies want to tempt themselves. So companies order the custom mouse pads. In mousepads, there will be a logo of the company.

Custom Mouse Pads


But as the time is going on people like getting the custom mouse pads. Now a lot of services are open. So the public can order their own images for printing.

Logitech is the most popular Company in do Production of Mouse Pads. Apples, Samsung, HP, Dell are also the most popular companies in mouse pad production.

RGB Mouse Pad

Public likes more attractive things, that’s why nowadays RGB Mouse Pad is trending. RGB pads look more colorful.

Natural Rubber

Some pads made up with natural rubber thats why its call natural rubber pad

Natural rubber mouse pad


Gaming pads

Mostly people use pads for pc gamings which is also called as gaming mouse pad some of gaming pads contains cloth surfaces and pad also have heat press control 

Gaming mouse pad
Gaming Mouse


Types of Mouse’s for Pad

The first combination is keyboard and mouse. There are precise mouses for gamers which bring more accuracy in mouse movements. These types of mouses come with  betterment technology and they also support wireless charging . This type of mouse mostly does not include the ball like a ball mouse.

Mouse Pad Surface

Mouse mats, soft surface, textured surface, microtextures these are types of mouse surfaces

Lizimandu Mouse Pad
Leather Mouse Pad
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