Zebronics Mouse & Keyboard Total Guide Price, Drivers, Issues

Today I am going to give you a total guide about Zebronics Mouse & Zebronics Keyboard. In this article I will give you all information from buying, reviewing, installing drivers, and solving issues. So let’s get started…

About Zebronics Company

Zebronics logo

Zebronics is a big company that makes products on  IT & Gaming Peripherals, Sound systems, Mobile & Lifestyle Accessories & Surveillance Solutions brand. Zebronics has been honored with numerous Industry Awards from the media and therefore the critics, capping 90 awards a previous couple of years including the simplest Tech Emerging LED TV, Music Accessories, and Surveillance product brand by The Economic Times at the best Tech Brand 2015.

Zebronics Mouses

The company offers 4 types of mouses

  1. Premium Gaming

  2. Gaming

  3. Optical

  4. Wireless


Premium Gaming Mouse


Here is a sample specification of mouse

  1. Price 549-1999 rs

  2. Sensor resolution  4000dpi max

  3. Cable length 1.8m

  4. Buttons 8

  5. Product dimension  66.5 x 126 x 40.5mm

  6. Net. weight  172g

  7. DPI switch  500/1000/2000/4000

  8. Net Weight 172g

 The Premium mouse is for top-level gamers.The mouse will work very well. The mouse is wire because for gamers they will need to focus very highly every millisecond. This is the reason most of the gaming mouses will be wire.


Gaming Mouse



This mouse is best for home gamers. A lot of people like to play games at home. This mouse is best for them. There is only one mouse in the gaming category which is named “speed”.

 It comes with 6 buttons and it has elegant curves for prolonged usage and it has a vibrant colored LED. It’s DPI switches 800/1200/1600/2400 and comes with a power-saving mode.


Optical Mouse


Zebronics has 19 variants in optical mouse.

There are Zrb-DLM10, Drive, Joy, Comfort+, Power+, Power, Arrow, Zeb-Rise, Zeb-Alex, Wing, Link, Claw, Sun, Sail, Steam, Trust, Zeb-comfort, Cosmic, Neon.

The price will be RS 125-333


Wireless Mouse


Zebronics has 19 variants in optical mouse.

There are Denoise, Zuri, Aqua, Rollo, Shine, Glide, Zoom, Tron, Jade, Tide, Zeb-Bold, Zeb-Dash, Zeb-Dazzle, Ride.

The price will be RS 313-999

Now you have complete knowledge about the “Zebronics Mouses”. You can go with your comfort. Buy the mouse as your requirement. Let’s go to our next guide about “Zebronics Keyboard”.


Zebronics Keyboard

Zebronics divided keyboards to 6 categories

  1. Premium

  2. Mechanical

  3. Standard

  4.  Wireless

  5. Multimedia

  6. Mini Multimedia


Premium zebronics keyboards


The premium is best of gamers maximally the premium keyboards have a light under the keys. You can feel the quality of the keyboard when you use it.

Here are some sample specifications of “Premium Keyboards

  1. Interface USB

  2. Keyboard type Mechanical

  3. Total Keys 104nos.

  4. Keystroke Key pressure 55g, key travel 4.0±0.2mm

  5. Key life span 50,000,000 times

  6. Polling rate 1000Hz

  7. Keycap drawing force 2.0+/-0.2KG

  8. Power consumption DC 5V,<350mA (max)

  9. Supported platform Windows, Linux & Mac

  10. Cable length 1.8m

  11. Product dimension 446.2*169.837.9mm

  12. Net weight 1.3kg

There are 5 Keyboards in the premium category. Zeb-Magnus, Maz Pro, Max Plus, Max, Zeb-Transformer-K.


Mechanical Zebronics keyboards


There is only 1 keyboard in the Mechanical category it is “Nitro”. Nitro has a related specification to premium keyboards. Visit here to get more info about Nitro.


Standard zebronics keyboards


There are 8 keyboards in the standard category. Zeb-k20, Zeb-k44, Zeb-k25, Zeb-k16, Zeb-k21, ZEB-K11 – ps2 Keyboard, ZEB-K11 – USB keyboard, Zeb-K11H.

The price will be rs 292-349

Special in the Standard keyboard is Retractable Stand, UV coated keys.


Wireless zebronics keyboards


There is only 1 wireless keyboard which is named tabmate. The keyboard looks very good and it has the best specifications. Its price is Rs 1,315.

 Tabmate is a wireless ultra-portable keyboard compatible with BT enabled devices like PC/MAC/Smartphone/Tablet. It’s a 7mm Ultra Slim Keyboard with a built-in lithium battery. It has a stainless steel back shell and a USB interface for direct charging.


Multimedia zebronics keyboards


Multimedia is best for home users. Zebronics multimedia keyboards are very simple and user friendly. If you have a low budget you can buy the multimedia keyboards there are 7 keyboards in the multimedia category and the price will be 499-599.


Mini multimedia zebronics keyboards


The mini multimedia zebronics keyboards are best for people who travel more. These keyboards are weightless and there is no number pad in these keyboards. There are only 2 keyboards in the mini multimedia keyboards category  Zeb-k07, Zeb-k04. Zeb-k07 will cost Rs.444 and Zeb-04 will cost Rs.399.


Zebronics Keyboard & Mouse combo

In Zebronics combo the is 3 categories

  1. Premium Gaming

  2. Standard

  3. Wireless

What is the meaning of combo?

In simple words, the combo means combine. In keyboard & Mouse combo means you get keyboard and mouse together

The premium Gaming price will be  Rs.1999/-


The gaming keyboard has braided cable and solid structure  and it is plug and play. It also has led lights, 104 keys, high-quality USB connector, light modes, extra buttons.

The standard price will be Rs. 449 – 1399/-
The wireless price will be Rs. 999 – 1399/-

Zebronics Mouse & keyboard Driver

If your mouse (or) keyboard is not working so don’t be afraid. First check is the driver is installed in your PC in the driver is installed to download the latest driver from here try to update the drivers


If you buy any new zebronics product and have any hardware issue contact zebronics company read more here

Do you Know?

You can use a mouse and keyboard for mobile just insert the USB pin to mobile and enjoy !!


Have any of these questions? Comment your question. I will try to solve all your questions.

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  2. how to turn off zebronics wireless mouse

  3. can I use Zebronics wireless mouse with Lenovo internally connection

  4. How to pair Bluetooth with other zebronics mouse


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